Coffee Bean Interview

It turns that I may find myself working at Coffee Bean by the end of this week. The interview went great. Randy, the manager shot through the interview like a man with no clutch. I suppose it was a lack of tension that flowed well between us two. After a couple of questions, he asked me how many hours do I sleep on for optimum performance. I rounded it out roughly, about 4 – 6. Well he said, I had a friend that hardly ever slept. I nodded it off plowing the conversation as if nothing. Then he finally spurted out, ha well I need to end the story my dear friend. He ended up dying! HA! did you hear, I told myself. He died of heart attack, Randy said.

A heart attack on cruiser ship. Scary. Well, technically he added, he didn’t die while cruising on the ship but while working on the ship. AH!

Well, now isn’t that scary. it should be taken with a grain of salt  I told myself. I really should sleep some more, set some kind of schedule.

I did however, find marks of resemblances that shattered like broken glass. I heard myself listening to it all the while I stared at his shrunken eye balls.

If I had allowed my fork to dig into the subject–that is, probe the possibilities. A highly unlikely possibility I should frame. On the basis that I’ve done practical routine exercises, omega supplements, and occasional fresh cups of green tea that keep my heart throbbing lively and glowing.

After the interview was over I got aboard the red-rocket. Shot through residential area and landed right at my parents store.

Oh what a delight!

Ha, Who am I kidding? It wasn’t the least bit exciting once I got there. Unfortunately….

I should skip that segment. But I should add, that a women’s vanity decrees a formative wall of defense against mischievous perpetrators and impostors…however yet, in a way, this automatic mechanism somehow dithers the element of analysis allowing for criminal distinctions to be judiciously distinguished through trial.

Nonetheless, who has much time to render such generalize defenses to peculiarities nowadays. Given the nature of our brief encounters it is reliably sufficient to dispense the use of these tactics for time’s expenditure sake.

Anyway, I feel glad to have jumped and sputtered across this murky lake.

P.S. I should remind myself to start looking at the College Catalog before going on-campus.

Also, I’ve been working on articles. So far, so good. I’ve found plenty of information to help me capture what I need to submit my reports.

An early report on the price increase on oil and the caustic reasons for such behavior in our markets today.


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