Alright, so off…

Alright, so off the top of my head. It comes clear that nothing makes clear sense of what appears. Rather, I make long sentences. Or tongue twisters however shirt my breath at the moment that exhales it, speaks it. So it could be cut short or whatever. But by whatever means I always turn it around in the same breath. The alcoholic breath that rests and swirls in my tongue.

But that’s not what we want to hear. Or read for that matter. Let’s move down the course. I can’t be really philosophical about the stain on my breath, because really it’s pallid. There’s no sweet aroma tasting. In actuality, it’s a bit raw and crude. I guess that’s why all along I’ve been kinda rude.

Anyway, Today was a busy day at work, Went to the gym, I go to it, Almost religiously. The spectators that almost attend go to it with a face of devouts.

I play the cards with a heavy sigh. I don’t look around, but I rather just look at the mirror. Where there’s nothing to look at but my face that always bounces off the faces of other in it’s own prelude of mixing. Far beyond my own contesting to the parameters being rotated or fixed to some other destination.

I have been for some time walking around, looking around at the empty decks. There’s not much I could contest against.

As of now, this is the life I need to mold myself until the right moment appears that I could seize. And break out. Yes, this would take some deliberate chance of calculating. Where I could  move onto the next. I want to save my money, so that I could get a new bicycle, one that actually works. Not the one I have now in my backyard. The rusted black with peel offs here on the steering wheel and around the seat.

I find them to be amateurs at their work. I mean, I might not be an expert. But there’s sure a lot of things that I notice that isn’t quite full of shape. I just kinda hesitate a bit before making my full blown presence into their room. It takes time, you know. To feel free to push. As of know,  I’ve limited but to some noticeable feature I think I’ve made my character known out there. To what kind of disposition I lead out in the world. I’m a bit of nervous wreck, yet at the same time I can get grounded and very serious about the matter of tasks. And really focus on the things I’m dealing with.

Thanks to where I’m at. I mean really, there’s not much weigh that I’m carrying.


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