Fuck You.

Can you imagine I tell myself what would be of you in the end. I don’t care. But you do, it doesn’t matter until it happens. So, you put it off. Ah, What do

I care. No, No.
Now, you’re getting all grumpy. I guess, I’m kinda tired but I’m also drinking wine so that should make me happy. At least a bit of it should shake off the

tensions that rattle the cage.

Blah, please don’t talk like that.

I’ll try.

There she was, who next to the other. blinking so far out of sight. I couldn’t tell. Nearly lost my sight as soon as I grabbed my pipe. But then the marshall

gathered to my right and told what I had done wrong from right.
What ever did I tell, not well. In the course of tales
It all plummeted as well as I can redress.

In the matters of dead, the day of crude play.
There’s not much you could stand beside the lightning that strucks a well.

The fire burning, you toss you’re head to the lampost where they all yell. Fuck em, fuck them in their horse.

Now, now settle now you won’t have to get fire of course.


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