Yes, I’ve come to the judgment in light of the facts as witness and experienced over the course of 6 weeks past, that men, these shams of what we call men in our day. Whatever makes a good man? Let’s suppose this makes a question that searches between every corridor, — wide or narrow– to find an answer. Well, men are often devised upon their ability in conquest far and wide to overthrow or overcome whatever obstacle comes their way. In this manner, every term of obstacles stands with a perpetual force greater to man. Man is challenged. Man must learns by stratagem or tactic to overcome these difficulties. But say he lacks, vision, he lacks vigor, or intellect. Whatever the scenario demands of his exigencies of his collective body and mind, he must search willing to overcome with his power of force— either, physical, mental, or spiritual/emotional —.

Sometimes, however, a man in low points must be quick, to compensate for the lack of support, lack of synergy into his energy levels. His energy must derive either from emotional or physical feasting on other counterparts, symbols apart from his designated symbol, of origin, I should say.

In this particular landscape, a man is hurled by what may seem to stifle him in bitter anguish for his lack of well-being, his lack of overcoming obstacles of reality by natural instinct. This instinctual vigor has withered and is defecated in full-viewing.

So, he must collect the parts by draining off the systems of his counterpart (symbol). Setting up the scenario at a particular instances where all parts, every gesture, intonation and inflection of voice is given to the allusion of his withered and defecated state of being.

It’s cunning at his level. Surely, a woman (counterpart symbol) perception is greatly devoured, or given to be impressed by the dire circumstances that he projects onto the voice channels. Where each froths among the other a channeling source of interchanging energy/element waves.

The energy/element waves are purely derivative of stable nodes in the emotion spectrum. Sadness to what magnitudes or compiling strengths it may reach to. Waves are propelled interchangeably reduced to a clutter of mental stress oxidizating the valves of natural rhythm and feeling.


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