We piled up the pizzas according to their sizes,  a metal rack with bars sits on top of the stainless steel “kitchen” top, I guess you would say, since that’s were we make all of our pizzas. Once you get a grasp on the motions there’s really no stopping how fast you could make pizzas. Truthfully, there’s still a couple of more areas I wish I could work with.

Like reading out the tickets out loud so that things could be made in coordination with the pizzas in the stove. I put a pizza in the stove and that’s about the time where I need to make sure that the side orders are called out. So that by the time the pizza is finished cooking the side orders are out as well.

Memorizing. I can’t stress it enough how often I get tangled and yelled over making or sending out the wrong size of pizza. It’s always a battle to pin point the exact figures of the pizza doughs. Especially when their so relative close in appearance when at a close eye. To get around this I simply put  the medium pizza screen with that of large pizza side by side and compare the differences.

It takes time a little bit or memorizing. But here’s what I gathered so far, for the cheese the weights are 6 mini 11 small 13 medium 15 large 20 x-large.

For slices

6 mini

8 small

10 – 12 medium

12 -14 large

16 xlarge

it’s a pretty simple algorithm, I think all you do is add 2 as each size increments in change.

It’s important to make sure that the pepperonis don’t fall off the side of the pizza. Making sure they fill nearly the inside the cheese line, since they don’t want the pizza to be left hanging out with all its meaty parts once its pushed and pulled inside the stove. The cheese, make sure the measurements are right.

And while adding the ingredients, always read your tickets and inspect thoroughly all the spaces left inside a ticket, usually beneath or on top of the pizza’s name there’s hidden clause etched in curiously small hand-written print deciding which modifiers go along with the pizza order.   For example, No Onions, Xtra Cheese, Light Sauce, etc. These could be especially trick when the writing is scribbled with dashes and hyphens without a simple coherent form. Once done with a pizza, that means once a pizza is tossed inside the oven with all of the ingredients required are in place. Then the ticket should be moved along to the pick up section.

Time moves  by quickly, so everything must be done fast, without a nerve of rattle. Take your time fixing the parts until you reach your end of line, usually if Beto is there he will handle the oven. So Try to keep an eye on the oven, in case he does stay away from it for too long. I’ve noticed that sometimes he would in fact do it on purpose just to come back and be what you call reinforcement,  a child’s play thing. I just go along with it. There’s times where I can’t handle the games and I will retort back.  Carried in vain to maintain a sense of  composure and demonstrate to the rest that by whatever extension the intellect my faculties allow me to attain, I can and am capable of attaining the consistency of steady results. And that I shouldn’t be ridiculed around like a boy, even my name. They’ve even taken my name and fixed it upon the childish vocalization of it.

That’s not quiet unnerving as when they boss you around from place to place telling you what to do. Even in some instances, it’s pure condescension as I don’t have a smudge of common sense on my plate.  There’s nothing else to be wary about, other than the fact that I do feel a bit misapprehension with the knockery of laughter that regurgitates off the walls.It’s foul in the sense, that it’s completly aimless. It’s expelled from their guts like a water gun tittering off splashes on their lips.

I  must confess, albeit, the human element is most important to thrive in these commonly founded organizations. Their organism requires the jest of laughter purely for anti-biotic matters, you see. Without the relief to regurgitate the foul air it would hem them in quiet a disgruntled position.

A clap resounding to the devils’ game. Fiendish, idle time chipped away making gesture inoculations for landscapes I can’t string together as the lack of sense does not add on the exigencies of what saves the day. What make do they see me for? I just finished an entire cup of coffee, it wasn’t strong enough not as I expected it to be. It’s barely 11pm and I’m left with an empty cup for now. Not a pint of drop for my consumption for the next 6 hours or whathave you. Albeit, I’m glad I went out to get a cup of coffee before it got too cold outside. The wind is pushy tonight and it’s aggressiveness is only growing.

The track Airwave Above the  Sky, is currently playing right now. Listening to it. I get the mellow drop back feeling, nothing to protuding. It all just blends in you usual trance sounding synths. The crecendos, descendig


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