Public Spaces: McDonalds

The next following entries contain written work that I’ve captured during my indoor sitting at public spaces. The lines fall along imagery, meaning (sometimes inverted or altered), or rhythmic feeling.

None of these will be re-edited upon publishing. These will be raw-fresh off the 3x5in notepad that I carry around in my back-pocket.

A training

to see what

reveals itself

on the mirror

and in this feel

to understand

what makes voice

quake in your sound.



looking over the

tracks of space

a group of elderly

men gathered

sharing laughs

good hearts, alive


why is it?

A new day–perhaps.

morning light

renewed sinew

fresh currency for tongue of breath

the first brush strokes of light

repaint the world

like newborns again.


before heavy rest

knocks them to bed.



the clearing,


distances forayed

by instinct.


they line up,

a rush steadily overflows

each step accentuates

white glow of dreams

puffin a marvel in their eyes.


the fog is clearing behind the glass.



I read books

taking roles

across different worlds

sitting, setting

gold and brass lamps



collecting stamps

memory claps

melt with the wax

to dust or rust?



my steps hypnotize

a waist doesn’t lie

the spell,

a fragrance


a slip of eye wanders around traces.



a God

heaven’s arms

kind, translucent

as the honesty

in the Devil’s Eye.






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