Morning Crude

It seems much of their efforts are charged. Without which would be fatal to their undertaking and perseverance.

“I am not going to lie to you, but yeah”. Yeah? Or is your honesty a simple cordless way of tact.

I can tell, what I said wasn’t what you were looking for. What you came to me with wasn’t what I expected either. On this note, let us leave with a reminder of what remained unnoticed between the markings of need and want.

Self-conscious, a heat wave. Get out of my hair.

Mute: On/Off. An anchor keeping its seaman afloat. Probing…

…..sonar echoes resounding around the empty void.

You to me distant eye raveling the ties.

Patiently, muddled. Kitchen stammering dry tongues, sidling the webs over empty stomachs.


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