A Dying Star

A vortex today became the indescribable force that I’m about to try to pin-point. A point in the evening star like the fall of a shadow beginning to take form over the city scrappers. Suddenly, we became disoriented, malfunctioning, and choking on thin air. It arrived as a moment of confusion. Altogether out of sync, out of harmony with the balances of our bodies  surrounding us in a multidimensional vortex of time and temporal designs.

It was quiet an apocalyptic experience. We felt child-like, bared, and stripped. Like marbles rolling on a granite hardwood surface. I begin to feel overwhelmed with the inescapable feeling that we we’re experiencing an event, light years away from where we were standing.  Something quiet metaphysical shook our harmony with the spherical hemisphere of our being. A cosmic event that we won’t ever find ways to describe.

Was it the death of star? A collision between two behemoth nebula’s? The immersion of a galaxy to another? I guess these are regions in the mind that will never fully avail itself to our comprehension.


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