I enjoy writing and sharing what I have to say. I was born in Mexico arrived in Los Angeles, California at the age of two. In the past, I have written for a music band called, “A Fallen Desire”.  Fair to say, much of it was scribbled of college lined notes aimed with no particular direction. All I had was an instinct for scrawling on notes, but little by little, suffice to say I began to form coherent sayings and stories on paper. I earned my trust for this “writer’s instinct” when people began to congratulate me in my ability to craft a story or any technical piece in journalism, poetry or prose. I welcomed this sanctifying regards with a warm and optimistic spirit. I stayed around this meddling hobby enough to witness it transition from article writing to blog writing. My prior experience in writing has allowed me carve a cave where all my dwellings in memory and transiency leaves me on end, traveling.


Welcome to my journey.


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